Magnetika opens investment round to grow its revolutionary technology for distance device charging

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  • The Spanish company opens a funding round through Crowdcube to bring its technology to market and scale globally. 
  • Magnetika has created a patented technology that allows remote charging of devices without the need for alignment and with high efficiency, cutting the need for the unsustainable use of cables.

Magnetika, a leading Spanish company in a new energy transfer technology based on magnetic resonance, has opened an investment round in order to continue leading the challenges in wireless charging. Its technology, which overcomes the limitations of current charging technologies, has allowed it to position itself as a leading company in the market, a position that the investment round it has initiated will allow it to continue to maintain. Interested investors can participate in the round via the Crowdcube platform.

Currently, conventional wireless transfer technologies present several challenges, such as long charging times, interference and limited charging distances. Magnetika has addressed all these issues and offers multiple advantages, prioritising safety with a technology that is completely harmless, allowing a longer charging distance and no need to align the transmitter and device, offering users greater charging convenience, no interruptions and no need for the unsustainable solution of cables. Finally, through its patent, it offers greater charging efficiency over longer distances and without alignment, a solution not achieved until now, which results in less energy loss and consumption compared to other wireless solutions.

The funding round, which opened this July, will help the technology to expand and revolutionise existing solutions. “We are growing our partnerships with companies to adapt the technology to different applications, so the round will help us expand our team and lab to meet the demand for solutions. This is a great investment opportunity for all those who are looking towards a wireless future, but also a more flexible and comfortable one” says Eugeni Llagostera, CEO of Magnetika. The investment can be made from Crowdcube, the European marketplace for retail investments in startups and private companies, which since 2011 has funded more than 1,300 companies with 1.3 million users investing €1.4 billion.

The round will help the Barcelona-based company, which offers engineering services for a wide range of devices, including consumer electronics, electric mobility, autonomous systems such as drones, as well as home automation, among others, to continue to be a benchmark in innovation within the sector. “We are committed to continue innovating and exploring disruptive applications in different sectors where our technology can make a difference,” says Eugeni Llagostera, CEO of Magnetika. On the other hand, the company intends to license its technology to large manufacturers to scale its adaptation.

Working on transforming electric micro-mobility

In parallel, Magnetika has created MagCharger, a wireless charger for electric micro-mobility (scooters and bicycles, among others) that allows anyone to charge their vehicle at home, at the office or in the garage in a more convenient way.

“In line with the micro mobility sector, together with Napptilus Battery Labs, ICN2, UPC and IREC, we have submitted a research project for a grant from Barcelona City Council and Fundació La Caixa, for the creation of a prototype of a fast-charging and wireless solution for an electric mobility service in the city of Barcelona,” says Eugeni.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the wireless transfer technology market was worth USD 35.13 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow by 21.8 per cent annually, reaching USD 170.29 billion by 2029.

About Magnetika

Magnetika was born in the venture builder of the Napptilus Tech Labs group, located in Pier 01 of Tech Barcelona, by its founder Rafael Terradas together with Jordi Aibar, COO, Mohamed Saad, CTO and the tech advisor Eduard Alarcón (UPC). Napptilus Group is a software engineering company created by Rafa Terradas in 2004 with a team of more than 100 engineers. The company is dedicated to offering innovative technological solutions and its clients are leading companies in various sectors. The other aspect of the company is the incubation of cutting-edge technological projects that its team of developers devise or identify. The main applications include successful cases such as Bibulu or StageInHome and others in the development phase such as Napptilus Battery Labs, Tracks CO2, always in areas of technological development and innovation.

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