Mapping MicroSalt’s commercial progress in 2023

MicroSalt is preparing to list in London as part of its journey to improve the health of millions of people with low-sodium salt products that can help tackle cardiovascular diseases worsened by the overconsumption of salt.

At a recent UK Investor Magazine Virtual Presentation, MicroSalt founders Tekcapital alluded to multi-million dollar sales for their portfolio companies – including MicroSalt – in 2024.

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The foundations for MicroSalt achieving this goal were laid this year with an extensive series of commercial developments which added to existing partnerships with leading US supermarket chains Kroger and Hannaford Brothers.

Partnerships and deals outlined in this article exclude ongoing and late-stage negotiations with large multinational food businesses detailed in MicroSalt’s admission document.

1st November 2023 – MR Williams Placement

MicroSalt inked a new deal to distribute its full SaltMe! crisps product line into MR Williams, a major convenience store distributor in the southeastern US serving customers across North Carolina, South Carolina and surrounding states, MR Williams will now offer all four SaltMe! flavours to its network of convenience store clients.

19th October 2023 – Longs Drug Stores Placement

MicroSalt secured the distribution of its SaltMe! low-sodium crisps into Longs Drugs, Hawaii’s leading drugstore chain. Longs Drugs, owned by $90bn market cap CVS Health, operates around 70 locations throughout Hawaii.

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Longs Drugs was acquired by parent company CVS Health in 2008 and is one of the largest healthcare chains in Hawaii.

19th September 2023 – Weijohn Farms Partnership

MicroSalt has partnered with Weijohn Farms Group to bring its low-sodium technology to their Sorbatto Fresh hazelnut line. With the North American hazelnut market projected to grow to $3.2 billion by 2030, MicroSalt’s sodium-reduction solution allows Weijohn to meet rising demand for healthier snacks.

7th September 2023 – Patent Filed for Reducing Baking Times and Lowering Sodium Content in Baked Goods

In September, investors learned of arguably the most significant commercial development for MicroSalt this year. The company filed a new patent application for technology to reduce sodium content and leavening time in baked goods.

MicroSalt said it had recently demonstrated successful use of its proprietary low-sodium technology in developing a new reduced-sodium recipe for baked products. With demand growing globally for lowered sodium across the $500 billion worldwide bread market, MicroSalt’s innovation provides a solution for low-sodium baked goods that also enables faster, more sustainable production. The patent-pending technology adheres micron-sized salt particles onto a carrier for better distribution in dough, reducing baking times while lowering sodium content.

This breakthrough could be applied across a wide variety of baked goods to help meet evolving consumer demand for low-sodium, health-conscious alternatives.

31st July 2023 – Expansion into the Phillippines

MicroSalt demonstrated global demand for low sodium SaltMe! crisps with expansion into the Philippines market, securing new distribution deals with major retailers Healthy Options and S&R Membership Shopping.

Both retailers placed significant initial orders for SaltMe! crisps and expressed strong interest in future orders as demand grows globally for premium low-sodium snacks. With 33 stores, Healthy Options is the largest all-natural products chain in Asia. S&R operates 22 warehouse stores focused on imported premium goods, presenting major expansion opportunities throughout the Philippines.

26th June 2023 – 100+ Additional US Stores Stock MicroSalt

In June, MicroSalt announced a raft of new distribution deals with regional grocery chains in the northeastern US MicroSalt’s saltshakers were to be stocked in 51 Fine Fare stores, 8 Trade Fair stores, and 72 Big Y supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England.

Fine Fare and Trade Fair stores are focused on the New York market, while Big Y operates over 70 locations across New England as the region’s second largest supermarket chain.

17th May 2023 – 400 US Stores

MicroSalt secured a major distribution expansion of its SaltMe! crisps and MicroSalt low-sodium salt shaker products into over 400 additional US retail stores. New retail partners stocking MicroSalt’s products include regional grocery chains like Brookshire Brothers and Pete’s Fresh Market, as well as natural independent grocers across the country such as Heinen’s, Dick’s Fresh Market, Zerbos, Better Health Market, and Tdych’s Marketplace.

2nd May 2023 – Fortune 500 National Retailer

MicroSalt announced a partnership with a Fortune 500 national retailer to develop and launch reduced sodium versions of the retailer’s private label snack brands.

Through the deal, MicroSalt will replace traditional salt with its MicroSalt® low-sodium alternative in several snack offerings, which will roll out to 800 of the retailer’s stores by Q4 2023.

With over 7,000 store locations nationwide, the partnership provides a major opportunity for MicroSalt to scale the availability of its sodium-reducing salt technology across a major retailer’s private label snack portfolio.

13th March 2023 – H Mart

H Mart is one of the fastest growing Asian supermarket chains in the United States. With over 97 stores across the US, H Mart has rapidly expanded since its first store opened in 1982 in Queens, New York.

As the largest Asian grocery chain in America, H Mart provides a full range of Asian and Western groceries and is known for its food halls. The deal with MicroSalt will make SaltMe low sodium crisps available in H Mart’s stores nationwide.

27th February 2023 – United Natural Foods and KeHE Distributors

MicroSalt expanded the distribution of its salt shakers through deals with two major US food distributors, United Natural Foods and KeHE Distributors. The two distributors are among the largest in the US retail food market.

United Natural Foods, Inc. (NYSE: UNFI), the largest publicly traded wholesale distributor in the US and Canada, delivers healthier food options to retail stores across both countries.

KeHE Distributors has 16 distribution centers across North America. KeHe provides exposure to a plethora of grocery stores, supermarkets, natural retailers and online eCommerce drop shippers.

6th February 2023 – US Salt

MicroSalt partnered with US Salt LLC, the leading producer of private label round can table salt in the United States. Through the agreement, US Salt will distribute and deliver MicroSalt’s innovative low-sodium salt solutions to US consumers. With control of over 90% of the US private label, round can salt market, US Salt has the potential to bring MicroSalt’s sodium-reducing alternative salts to the masses.

“US Salt is looking forward to working with MicroSalt® to help with our low-sodium initiatives. Sodium is a worldwide concern in the food industry, and we believe Rick and his team are the industry leaders that can help propel our future growth,” said Bob Jordan, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of US Salt LLC, at the time of the deal.

31st January 2023 – Giant Food of Maryland LLC

MicroSalt partnered with Giant Food of Maryland LLC (Giant), a leading supermarket chain in the mid-Atlantic region, to offer lower sodium options for customers.

As part of the agreement, Giant will carry Microsalt’s saltshakers in all of its over 160 stores in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

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