Micah Richards appointed as brand ambassador for Tekcapital’s Innovative Eyewear

Tekcapital portfolio company Innovative Eyewear has announced a material expansion of its global marketing campaign with the appointment of Micah Richards as a brand ambassador for the Lucyd smart eyewear range.

Tekcapital investors will be encouraged by Innovative Eyewears clear intention to grow the Lucyd brand with high-profile personalities as the smart eyewear specialist builds momentum in 2024.

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Micah Richards is a former England International and Manchester City footballer who successfully transitioned to a leading pundit appearing on Sky Sports, CBS Sports and BBC Sport. He is also a co-host of “The Rest is Football”, the top ten UK podcast.

“These days, when people are spending more time than ever in front of their phones, TVs and computers, active lifestyle products like Lucyd eyewear are critically important,” Micah Richards said.

“I am excited to partner with Innovative Eyewear to advance a new generation of smart glasses that enhance almost any physical activity with seamless open-ear audio and ChatGPT, all while protecting and correcting your vision.”

The appointment comes as Innovative Eyewear sales rise after launching new ranges and bolstering marketing initiatives as the global adoption of smart eyewear grows. 

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In Q4 2023, the company generated more revenue than in the preceding three months and efforts such as today’s announcement promise additional growth in the future.

Nautica powered by Lucyd smart eyewear was launched at the beginning of 2024 and its penetration will be evident in upcoming earnings releases.Reebok and Eddie Bauer smart eywear is due to be launched this year.

The appointment of Micah Richards follows yesterday’s announcement Innovative Eyewear is ramping up retail distribution across the US through a partnership with Windsor Eyes.

Innoavtive Eyewears next earning release will be highly anticipated.

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