MicroSalt announces Notice of Allowance for a low-sodium salt patent

On Wednesday, MicroSalt announced the Notice of Allowance for a patent on its Low-sodium salt technology marking an important step forward in long-term shareholder value creation.

MicroSalt has announced a significant milestone in the expansion of its intellectual property portfolio. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for Patent Application No. 18/175,028, titled “Low Sodium Salt Composition.”

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The patent application covers the production of MicroSalt, a low-sodium salt alternative that boasts superior adherence to foods compared to traditional salt crystals.

Unlike regular salt, MicroSalt’s formulation allows it to adhere to a carrier particle, enhancing its ability to cling to food surfaces. Formally recognising unique attributes such as those covered by the patent is a vital step in any technology company’s growth story.

“This Notice of Allowance further strengthens our IP position in the global low sodium market whilst providing additional evidence of our thought leadership position in the battle to lower sodium consumption worldwide,” said Rick Guiney, CEO of Microsalt.

While MicroSalt’s commercial opportunity is underpinned by World Health Organisation targets to reduce sodium content, shareholder valuation creation will be enhanced by the generation of intellectual property. Today’s announcement demonstrates securing intellectual property rights are at the forefront of MicroSalt’s strategy.

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The Notice of Allowance signifies that the claims in the patent application have been deemed patentable by the USPTO. MicroSalt expects the patent to be officially granted upon completing certain administrative procedures in the near future. Once issued, the patent will provide protection until 2039. This is significant.

This newly allowed patent is one of 14 pending patent applications mentioned in MicroSalt’s admission document dated January 27, 2024. The company has also filed counterpart patent applications with similar claims in various countries, including China, Chile, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Canada, Japan, Russia, Mexico, India, and Hong Kong.

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