France’s far-right political party, National Front, made history on Sunday by coming first in six out of thirteen regions.

Gaining the highest score for the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party, Marine Le Pen, the party leader described the result as “magnificent”.

This was a crucial time for the party, who were keen to see the public political opinion following the November 13 terrorist attacks.

Whilst the French political party has been previously associated with Anti-Semitism, Le Pen has hoped to “detoxify” the party’s image to make it more mainstream.

Professor of French politics at Aston University said, “These results are a shock but they shouldn’t be a surprise.”

The French presidency elections are set to run in 2017, where Le Pen considers her party’s victory as the “foundation stone” the election.

Previously, the centre-right opposition and governing Socialist party have worked together to block the FN.





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