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NFTs could revive Stanley Gibbons shares

Today’s announcement that its US subsidiary, Mallet Inc. was pushed into filing for Chapter 11,  as a sub tenant defaulted could be the nadir of its fortunes. The finals for the March 2021 year end showed an adjusted loss of £2.7m on £10.8m turnover and he shares at 2.75p are near its all time low with a £13m market cap.

The  £5.8m purchased of the world’s most famous and valuable stamp – the 1856 1c Magenta from British Guiana, which is the only one in existence,  could lead to a rebirth of  Stanley Gibbons  (LSE: SGI) as a stamps ownership  goes  digital. Through digital fractional ownership, such as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) it provides  an opportunity for stamp lovers/ collectors/ investors worldwide to buy and own a sli...

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