Opportunities in the Future of Health Tech

Opportunities in the Future of Health Tech

The health sector is experiencing an ongoing uptrend in health optimisation and self care. This is supported by a global shift toward patient controlled records, allowing consumers to take control of their own health data. So which starts ups are leverage these opportunities in health tech?

While consumers collect more data about themselves every day, health results are arguably more confusing now than they were 10 years ago. The average consumer still gets lost in medical acronyms like HbA1c, LDL and CRP, measures like millimoles and micromoles and fitness scores like Vo2 Max, lactic threshold, and zone 3 heart rate.

Consumers are often overwhelmed with health data from wearables, other devices, work out apps, online nutritional programs and various medical and fitness tests. While new technology and start ups make health and fitness data more accessible, arguably they also make it more confusing for the average person.

Start ups like Bioscore are working from the other side of this problem, planning to make health and fitness data both easier to understand and more visual.

Bioscore is a health and fitness platform that is centred around infographics that can be easily understood by end users and engaging digital reporting that can be easily used by health and fitness professionals to explain results to their clients and customers. The system contextualises health data with reference ranges, colour codes, targets, benchmarks, linked test histories and more. Results are delivered to users digitally with simple explanations and links for more reading.

The CEO of Bioscore, Matthew Reede said, “we see self care as an important growth area in health tech, so we are building a health and wellness platform that has user controlled records at its foundation with great visualisations for end users and easy to use reporting tools for health professionals”

Bioscore has built its proof of concept and is raising seed level finance to fund development through to the release of its minimum viable product.

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Crowdcube raise: https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/bioscore/pitches/Zpvy0q

Info website: www.bioscore.health

Short video: https://vimeo.com/373948133

IM, Pitch Deck and Questions:  matt@bioscore.health