The Greek parliament has approved an 86 billion euro bailout packaged, which will allow Greece to make their repayment to the IMF on August 20.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras faced rebellion from his party again, relying on opposition vites to pass the motion. 43 lawmakers voted against or abstained, a higher number than the 36 who voted against reforms last month. The motion passed through Parliament with 222 out of 300 votes.

Euro zone finance ministers are expected to approve the vital aid for Athens later on Friday.

Tsipras told lawmakers:

“I do not regret my decision to compromise. We are not exulting but we are also not mourning over this difficult agreement. I have my conscience clear that it is the best we could achieve under the current balance of power in Europe, under conditions of economic and financial asphyxiation imposed upon us.”

The deal includes severe budget cuts and economic reforms, as agreed with Greece’s creditors.

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