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Two UK Growth Companies with Hybridan’s Research Team

The UK investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Sacha Morris and Niall Pearson of Hybridan, the London-based small cap brokers. We start by looking at Rural Broadband Solutions and the roll out of their high-speed broadband connectivity to rural areas. Sacha outlines their UK expansion strategy which will see them establish networks across the UK, having already provided services across Shropshire and Wales. Niall provides a comprehensive overview of DSX International and their NHS accredited digital health care solutions. We breakdown each of DXS's services in ExpertCare, MyVytalCare and CompleteCare. DXS have undergone a number of pilots with the NHS and we look...

Taylor Wimpey, Tekcapital, and a Bear Market Rally with Alan Green

The UK Investor Magazine Podcast is joined by Alan Green as we delve into this market’s key themes and a selection of UK equities. We start by exploring the current rally in equities and whether it is a bear market rally, or something that can be sustained. Markets welcomed the recent instalment from the Fed which sparked a rally, sending the S&P 500 up 10% from the lows and the NASDAQ up 16%. UK house prices rose 11% year-on-year in July as the housing market shrugged off cost-of-living crisis concerns. However, the Nationwide Chief Economist pointed to signs of a softening...

Investing in Farmland with Landex

We were thrilled to be joined by LandEx CEO Kamel Belkadhi to explore the investing in Farmland and their Landex investment platform providing investors with access to a range of Farmland options. Farmland provides a sustainable investment opportunity with a high yield and diversifies a portfolio away from traditional stocks and bond. LandEx CEO Kamel Belkadhi outlines how their platform works and the benefits for investors. We also discuss their upcoming round on Seedrs which can be found here. Download Landex Apple App Here Download Landex Android App Here

Vietnam, inflation, and future economic expansion with Vietnam Holding’s Craig Martin

The UK Investor Magazine were delighted to be joined by Craig Martin, Chairman of Dynam Capital, the manager of the Vietnam Holding Investment Trust. Craig provides a comprehensive update on the Vietnam Holding portfolio and the factors driving performance in 2022 including inflation, interest rates, and the dynamics of Vietnam's retail investors. We highlighted the difference between Vietnam’s energy mix and those facing social unrest such as Sri Lanka and Pakistan.  Vietnam produces a lot of its own food so has been able to avoid much of the negativity associated with rising food prices and inflation. We finish by looking forward to...