Quanta Group to raise £3m in Crowdstacker’s first investment

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The new Peer-to-Peer lending platform, Crowdstacker, has opened its first crowdfunding project to investors. The City of London registered company is facilitating a £3m funding raising programme for Quanta Group.

Quanta Group specialise in buying and selling residential property, since 2006 they have completed over 500 deals. Their objective is to buy properties that are in need of refurbishment and dispose of them once work is complete. Quanta acquire the properties and undertake modernisation then sell the improved homes. They say their success stems from the short time frame they are able to turn the projects around.

Quanta are embarking on a crowdfunding capital raising project to expand their activities. Each investor’s cash will either be held in a bank account or put into a property development. This is a factor Quanta are promoting to illustrate the efficiency and security of their plans.

Quanta are planning to raise £3m, investors will receive 6.8% per year paid quarterly over 3 years. Individuals can invest as little as £700.

Risk Warning: Crowdfunding projects involve a level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Generally there isn’t is a secondary market for crowdfunding projects meaning that investments are illiquid and an investor may find it hard to dispose of the investment quickly. Please read full details of any crowdfunding project and ensure you understand the risk before partaking in a crowdfunding project. #Investaware

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