Reducing sodium consumption and cardiovascular disease with MicroSalt’s Judith Batchelar OBE

The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Judith Batchelar OBE, Non-Executive Chair of MicroSalt, for a fascinating conversation focused on reducing sodium intake, the health benefits of doing so, and the regulatory environment supporting action on salt.

Judith started her career in biochemistry before spending 35 years in the food and food retail industry, serving as a director of Sainsbury and Safeway and in senior roles at Marks & Spencer. Judith is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and the President of the British Nutrition Foundation.

Our discussion is dedicated to the millions of people who die prematurely each year from cardiovascular diseases and the actions undertaken by governments and businesses to help fight the overconsumption of sodium.

The World Health Organisation has recently released research concluding every $1 spent reducing sodium intake can save $12 in healthcare costs treating people impacted by cardiovascular disease.

MicroSalt has developed a low-sodium salt technology that reduces sodium in salt by up to 50% and has inked agreements with one of the world’s largest snack food companies, among many others.

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