French carmaker Renault (EPA:RNO) has announced that it will recall 15,000 new cars, after tests showed that emission levels were too high.

This comes just after three of Renault’s factory sites were raided by French fraud police last week, causing their share price to sink dramatically on fears of another Volkwagen-type scandal.

However, Renault’s sales director confirmed that the car company did not ‘cheat’ tests, saying that they are “not using software or other methods”.

French Energy Minister Segolene Royal highlighted the need for emissions test to be based on real driving conditions and not those of special testing facilities:

“Renault has committed to recalling a certain number of vehicles, more than 15,000 vehicles, to check them and adjust them correctly so the filtration system works even when it is very hot or when it is below 17 degrees, because that’s when the filtration system no longer worked,” Ms Royal said.

Renault’s share price has remained largely unchanged on the news, trading down 0.62 percent at 73.54. (0939GMT)

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