Scottish-based crowdfunding site SquareKnot goes the extra mile

SquareKnot is the first Scottish crowdfunding equity platform, founded in September 2012. Like many other crowdfunding platforms, the founding team recognised a gap in the market after the financial crisis for a platform that brings together businesses that need cash, and individuals with cash who want to try and earn a sensible return.

However, unlike many other similar platforms SquareKnot assist with the provision of essential management support to businesses to help them grow and prosper, and offer the expertise of panel of independent specialists to businesses looking for investment on their site.

Not only do SquareKnot recognise the importance of a good idea, but also a good marketing campaign; without consumer awareness, a company is doomed to fail. SquareKnot helps pitching business with their PR – gaining attention for their campaigns and spreading the word about what they have on offer. They reguarly hold networking events, allowing pitching business to present their ideas to potential investors and also answer questions in small groups.

The guys behind the company make strong team, who cover all aspects of the business. Managing director Derek Bond is an is accountant with financial experience, and Brian Smilie is an experienced marketing professional, having previously owned his own agency. Ian Young covers the legal side, as a lawyer with specific experience with entrepreneurial corporate law. Tom Preston and Ian Webster both round up the management team with backgrounds in accountancy and corporate finance.

The site boasts a diverse portfolio of investments, from property to breweries. The Edinburgh-based Vikare Tuscan Property Fund offers prospective investors the opportunity to put money into a holiday apartment development in Florence, and MacGregor’s Bars offers 15% equity for a target investment of £150,000.

If investments in Scottish-based companies is what you’re looking for, SquareKnot will undoubtedly have something to offer. If you’re a business, consider listing with SquareKnot to benefit from the industry expertise and marketing support.

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