SulNOx deepens cleaner fuels relationship with LocoSoco

SulNOx has announced it has deepened it’s ties with LocoSoco, the Vienna-listed provider of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced products & services.

LocoSoco had previously been working in partnership with SulNOx to distribute SulNOx biodegradable fuel and emulsification technologies.

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This relationship will now expand to cover LocoSoco’s conversion projects to convert tyres and plastic waste into high value oils. SulNOx will now assist with increasing the yields from these fuels.

SulNOx technology

This is another significant demonstration of the broad range of applications for SulNOx technologies that were recently endorsed by the UK and Ireland Fuel Distribution Association and their award to ElimiNOX. ElimiNOX provides fuel conditioners developed by SulNOx.

“The core technologies of SulNOx have diverse potential applications including converting waste, which is often problematic to the environment and ecosystems, into useful products,” said Ben Richardson the CEO of the SulNOx Group

“Over 350m tonnes of plastic a year are produced globally which is due to triple by 2050 and billions of tyres are scrapped each year, which will still likely remain a problem even with the uptake of cleaner transportation. We are excited to play a part in the growing waste conversion sector and expand on the ability of SulNOx technologies to help solve global problems.”

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