Tekcapital Innovative Eyewear addresses $4bn safety glasses market with new patents

Tekcapital portfolio company Innovative Eyewear has recently received notices of allowance on three new design patents covering its forthcoming Lucyd Armor smart safety glasses product. The allowed design patents (application Nos. 29/806,204, 29/806/207, 29/806/209) protect the ornamental design of the AR-enabled protective eyewear.

The company has also filed new utility and design patent applications specifically covering the functional and aesthetic aspects of the Lucyd Armor glasses, as it prepares for the product’s launch in mid-2024. Lucyd Armor combines critical safety features with Innovative Eyewear’s open-ear audio and artificial intelligence capabilities.

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The developments represent a new application for the company, which opens the door to an entirely new market.

The global safety glasses segment, which spans construction, manufacturing, healthcare and research fields, is projected to reach $4.18 billion in value by 2030. By integrating hands-free communication and computing into industry-approved protective eyewear, the company aims to enhance collaboration and productivity for teams across numerous work environments requiring safety gear.

To facilitate team coordination through the Lucyd Armor glasses, Innovative Eyewear offers the Vyrb mobile app providing voice-over-IP chatrooms capable of hosting up to 100 participants simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms.

Innovative Eyewear CEO Harrison Gross said:

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“Lucyd Armor smart safety glasses are a unique product and the culmination of rigorous in-house R&D, which we are thrilled to bring to the personal protective equipment market. We believe these products will deliver a cutting-edge experience to safety glass users around the world, making it easier than ever for industrial workers to communicate handsfree in a wide range of environments. We are commencing testing to ensure our smart safety eyewear meets US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Agency’s standards and expect to have the glasses available to consumers in the coming months. In addition to our direct-to-consumer channels such as Amazon and BestBuy.com, we look forward to launching Lucyd Armor in hardware and home improvement stores, developing an entirely new vertical for the company.”

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