Tekcapital shares gain as Innovative Eyewear files new patent

Tekcapital shares were higher after portfolio company Innovative Eyewear announced a fresh wave of innovation in their smart eyewear with advanced hinges that allow greater flexibility and durability.

Innovative Eyewear has developed a new patented innovation that will enhance the comfort and durability of their smart eyewear products. The company has filed a patent entitled Spring-loaded Hinges for Smartglasses that covers flexible spring hinges designed for use in most of their upcoming eyewear frames.

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These proprietary flexible hinges will provide a number of benefits for consumers.

First, the spring hinges will improve comfort for users wearing the smartglasses for extended periods of time. By allowing the temples to flex, the hinges reduce pressure points that can cause discomfort.

Second, the flexible hinges enable each frame style to fit a wider range of head shapes and sizes. By adapting to the contour of the wearer’s head, the spring hinges will enable more consumers to achieve a customized, comfortable fit. Finally, the hinges are expected to increase durability of the eyewear by reducing stress on the temples that could lead to breakage over time

“The development of compact spring hinges for smart eyewear is another positive advent in our mission to build the global standard in the category. We believe this new component will improve the all-day comfort and durability of our eyewear,” said Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear.

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“This latest innovation reinforces our brand promise to Upgrade your Eyewear®. This follows our previous innovations including the introduction of ChatGPT in smart eyewear, the launch of Vyrb, the first social audio app for smart eyewear, photochromic blue light lenses, an industry-leading 12-hour battery life, some of the world’s lightest smart eyewear frames including titanium front frames, and the first wireless dock charger for smart eyewear.

“We look forward to launching the new self-adjusting hinges, starting with our Lyte 2.0 XL collection debuting in October 2023, alongside additional unique designs, and product upgrades.”

Today’s news in the latest in a series of innovations announced by Tekcapital portfolio companies including MicroSalt’s baked goods patent filed last week.

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