Tekcapital shares jump after MicroSalt listed on Amazon UK platform

Tekcapital shares jumped on Tuesday after the technology-focused investment company announced MicroSalt has introduced its low-sodium shakers on the Amazon UK platform.

Tekcapital shares were 5.8% higher at the time of writing.

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In addition, and in support of its UK expansion, MicroSalt has forged a strategic local distribution partnership with Reliable Express in Southampton.

The agreement provides the storage and distribution of MicroSalt’s bulk-packed products, catering to the growing B2B market demand within the food distribution and manufacturing sectors in both the UK and EU markets.

MicroSalt is supplying some of the world’s largest snack foods businesses with large quantities of low-sodium salt requiring substantial storage and distribution capabilities.

In their admission document released last year, MicroSalt described demand from a large multinational for their Latin American businesses in the form of a 9.5mt order. Today’s announcement suggests MicroSalt is gearing up for large orders from European businesses.

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“Inclusion of our low sodium solutions on the Amazon shopping platform is key to our efforts to make MicroSalt readily available to meet the demand of our B2C customers,” said Rick Guiney, CEO of MicroSalt®.

“Additionally, our partnership with Reliable Express in the UK is a vital piece of our growing distribution network as it will allow us to reliably and efficiently service food manufacturing channels in both the UK and EU. Excess sodium consumption is one of the leading contributors to hypertension and heart disease. Now MicroSalt will be available to help consumers in the UK and Europe enjoy great tasting, healthy products with less sodium.”

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