Tekcapital shares jump as Guident update released

Tekcapital shares jumped on Friday after the university technology company released an update on their portfolio company Guident.

Guident is an autonomous vehicle (AV) safety company at the forefront of ensuring AV compliance with safety regulations. Guident has developed a Remote Monitoring and Control Center (RMCC) solution that facilitates human involvement in safety procedures for driverless vehicles.

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Guident’s summary of recent activity saw Tekcapital share price perk up 5% to 15.75p in early trade as investors digested the progress and commercial opportunity for their technology.

Guident has established agreements with the Boca Raton technology campus and Jacksonville Transportation Authority which are to be finalised shortly and see Guident’s RMCC’s deployed and generating Guident revenue.

A letters of intent has been signed with Auve Tech, a developer and manufacturer of autonomous transportation systems. The relationship could see Guident’s technology in Auve Tech products and supply to clients across US, Europe, and Asia.

Shock Absorbers

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In addition to their AV safety systems, Guident are developing the Regenerative Shock Absorber which harnesses the natural energy subjected to shock absorbers and converts this energy back into power for electric vehicles. This improves EV power efficiencies and reduces the resources used to complete a journey.

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