Tekcapital shares rise after Guident announces entry into robotics market

Tekcapital shares were firmly higher on Tuesday after it announced portfolio company Guidant had entered the robotics safety market through a partnership with Star Robotics.

The move has diversified Guident’s applications beyond autonomous vehicles into other real-world uses with a large and growing addressable market.

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Star Robotics has developed the “Watchbot” robotics designed to carry out surveillance and industrial inspection tasks. Guident will integrate its human-in-the-loop Remote Monitor and Control Center (RMCC) solution with Star’s surveillance technology to provide autonomous security and safety as the robots conduct normal activities.

Tekcapital shares were 7% higher at the time of writing.

“Since establishing our strategic partnership, we have been delighted to collaborate with the Star Robotics team on several projects. With their relentless focus on pushing the boundaries of possibility, Star Robotics is poised to transform the way industries harness the power of robotics to drive efficiency, productivity, and success,” said Harald Braun, Executive Chairman and CEO at Guident.

The partnership is a natural progression for both Guident and Star Robotics as the two companies expand their operations and break new ground in their respective, yet complimentary, fields.

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“We are thrilled to join forces with Guident, a leader in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) teleoperation monitoring industry, to introduce a security surveillance robot equipped with human-in-the-loop capabilities. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a pivotal moment in advancing safety and innovation in autonomous technology. We couldn’t be more excited to pioneer this revolutionary solution, setting a new standard for the industry.” stated Yamila Feccia, Chief Commercial Officer at Star Robotics. 

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