Tekcapital’s Guident receives grant from Space Florida

Tekcapital’s Guident has been awarded a grant from the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership program. The project aims to incorporate low-latency satellite connectivity into Guident’s autonomous vehicle remote monitoring service, helping improving self-driving vehicle safety and reliability.

Set to begin in July 2024, the initiative will utilise non-geostationary satellite technology to create a communication system between autonomous vehicles and remote control centres. The technology is aimed at addressing limitations in terrestrial network coverage, allowing for continuous operation of self-driving vehicles in all weather types and geographical areas.

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Tekcapital shares rose after the news was released on Thursday.

Guident is collaborating with Israeli satellite communications company NOVELSAT on this project. NOVELSAT specialises in next-generation content connectivity solutions and will contribute its broadcast and broadband technologies to the project. The partnership aims to enhance network capabilities for autonomous transportation.

The project focuses on developing a system architecture that combines artificial intelligence with satellite communications intended to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of autonomous vehicles, which could influence the future of transportation.

As the autonomous vehicle industry develops, Guident’s Space Florida-supported project is aimed at addressing challenges in vehicle communication and control, promoting the adoption of self-driving vehicles through road safety and efficiency.

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“At the heart of this project is our commitment to advancing teleoperation safety through rigorous research and testing. We aim to ensure the highest safety and performance standards for autonomous vehicles equipped with this pioneering communication system,” said Dr. Dennis Morgen, Guident’s Vice President for Product and Project Management commented.

“This grant will propel us forward in developing an effective remote monitor and control solution with Space Florida’s invaluable support and strategic expertise.

“This project marks a significant milestone in Guident’s dedication to innovation in autonomous vehicles and monitoring solutions. With a talented team of researchers, engineers, and industry experts, we believe Guident is poised to impact the future of AV transportation.”

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