The cyclical opportunity in UK small and mid-cap shares with the Rights and Issues Investment Trust

Dan Nickols, head of strategy, UK small and mid-cap at Jupiter Asset Management and manager of the Rights and Issues Investment Trust delivers a compelling case for UK growth companies at a time when many stocks within the sector offer deep historical value.

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Dan explains the current environment for UK small and mid-cap’s from a macro-economic perspective before outlining the specific companies he and his team have been adding to their portfolio in preparation for the cyclical recovery.

Jupiter Asset Management took over the Rights and Issues mandate last year and has since moulded the portfolio to their way of thinking while staying true to the investment philosophy that produced a 144% return over the past ten years.

We explore the trust’s positioning and blended top-down, bottom-up approach to stock selection. Dan highlights the highly concentration nature of the portfolio with just 23 high-conviction selections.

We finish with Dan’s outlook for UK small and mid-caps and catalysts for a recovery.

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