The Future of e-Bikes and Making our Cities Greener with WATT Mobility

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to be joined by Frans Nomden, CEO of WATT Mobility for a deep dive into the future of e-bikes and how they are making our cities greener and cleaner.

Our cities are striving for cleaner forms of transportation and governments are promoting the use of bikes and e-bikes.

WATT Mobility is pursuing its growth strategy with a crowdfunding round on Seedrs. We discuss why WATT are crowdfunding now and the opportunity for investors.

Find out more about their crowdfunding round on Seedrs here.

McKinsey has produced a comprehensive report on the future of mobility, in which e-bikes play a leading role. Read the McKinsey report here.

WATT Mobility has carefully positioned itself as an affordable option for riders and is targeting deep penetration of the European market by increasing its reselling network to 800 stores from 180 currently.

Explore WATT Mobility’s e-bike range here.

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