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The latest UK stocks being snapped up by fund managers

By Nick Sudbury

Select UK companies still offer considerable value .

Simon Gergel, manager of the £789m Merchants Trust (LON: MRCH), looks for attractively valued companies with strong fundamentals that are ‘expected to pay a dividend yield above or in line with the market average’. 

Based on this approach he has recently added positions in the supermarket giant Tesco, which is yielding almost four percent; the information provider Relx that is paying 2.2%; energy supplier Drax Group, which has a yield of 3.4%; as well as Duke Royalty that is on a yield of over six percent. 

Another man who has been busy adjusting his portfolio is Job Curtis, who has run the £1.9bn City Of London Investment Trust (LON: CTY) since 1991. One of the main areas where he has found value ...

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