The makings of multibagger shares with Stockopedia

The UK Investor Magazine was delighted to welcome Ed Croft, CEO of Stockopedia, for a deep dive into the makings of multibagger shares.

Download ‘The makings of a multibagger’ and explore 10 multibagging shares

Multi-Baggers – these are the stocks which can make a portfolio.

Owning just one can transform your returns and lead to a great acceleration of personal wealth. Everybody looks abroad enviously at the US stock market, but in a very difficult decade for the UK economy, a selection of outstanding shares have dramatically beaten the market.

Ed provides deep insight into the key characteristics driving the returns of multibagging shares and what investors should consider when buying high-growth companies.

Careful attention is paid to the financial ratios and metrics shared by companies that produce returns many times the original investment.

Download the full report here

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