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Are you thinking of making the move from North to South? Each year there is an influx from the North to the South, some are young professionals career driven and excited by the thought of life in the heart of city life, some are students having had enough of home towns wishing to enjoy cosmopolitan city life, whatever it is; London brings Northerners in their thousands each year to the big smoke.

Sometimes travelling from where you grew up can be just a few hours to London, however, be prepared as relocating from North to South can actually be a bit of a culture shock. FJP Investment have put together some pros and cons regarding relocating which may help in some way when making the decision to pack up and leave you home town to move down to London.


According to Jamie Johnson of FJP Investment “Believe me, it is no fairy tale that rents in London are considered to be the most expensive European City rents for the third year in a row and four times higher than other British cities!”

More Career Choices

However, along with higher rents, London has of course a major advantage over other cities in that salaries are much higher in the City and there are far more job prospects on offer with wider opportunities which also takes into account that the average wage in other cities is circa £27,700 and opposed to London where is it is nearer the £40,000 mark.


Good or bad? Some may find that having a house or flat share in London is a bonus, helps you find your feet when you first arrive. Living with people who know their way around and knowing where to go to get the best deals as opposed to learning the hard way on your own. Most people find this to be an ideal way to live when they first relocate as rents are high and therefore by sharing, your costs are reduced enabling you to have a better start in your life down south. Of course, this is not for everyone but maybe in the beginning it really is a means to an end.

Meet Interesting People

London is renowned for being the most culturally diverse city in the world, home to many interesting people from all walks of life, so the house sharing can help you to find new friends through your new home and gives you the opportunity to learn many differing cultures.

Expensive Transport

London’s public transport has the unfortunate label of being the most expensive in the world as of 2017, yes, indeed a shock to many people who relocate, looking at a travel card for instance – in London you would pay £135 a month as opposed to £95 in Auckland and surprisingly just £91 in New York!

Seeing New Things

London has a plethora of attractions old and new which can certainly make your time off from work an absolute delight, from art galleries to theatres to parks to – well just about everything you would expect from a city such as London.

Pints are Pricey

Beware the after-work pint in the pub…. It will come as no surprise I am sure that your recreation money definitely will not stretch as far in the south as it did in the north, in fact one pub known as The Rake hit the headlines last because their pints of beer were selling at £13.40 – I certainly wouldn’t want to be buying a round!

Everything’s Open Late

London make sure you don’t go without, if you have the money there is always somewhere open to take it from you, even if you decide to have a TV night or a craving for a kebab at 3am there will be somewhere near that you can pop to and get what you need.

Yes, moving to the big city can be challenging but it can certainly be one of the most exciting things you ever do, budget your money of course and take advantage of house sharing but make sure that however long you stay in the Capitol you make the most of it and enjoy every minute of it.

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