UK job vacancies on the rise, new figures show

UK job vacancies on the rise, new figures show

New data from the Office of National Statistics has revealed UK job vacancies to be increasing.

Between 31 July and 7 August 2020, the total volume of online job adverts increased from 53% to 62% of its 2019 average. This is the largest weekly increase in 2020.

Whilst unemployment is on the rise and companies continue to announce large-scale redundancies, job adverts are on the rise.

According to Jonathan Planner, an independent head hunter, the new figures should be taken with a “pinch of salt”.

“Pretty much all of my clients have shut up shop until next year so the increase in the number of online job ads is an enigma,” he said.

“I can only think that some employers are having to hire additional junior staff as people who have been working for them over the summer start heading off to university.”

The largest rise in UK vacancies was in transport, logistics and warehousing, which boasts a 117% rise in the 2019 figures amid the pandemic.

Meanwhile, job vacancies in media, arts, and culture have fallen by 41%.

London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has called on Boris Johnson to do more to protect the sector.

“Until we have an operational vaccine in place social distancing will have to continue to protect people’s health, and with employers planning to continue home-working well into next year, the numbers of people visiting the West End will be reduced for many months ahead,” he said.

“As Mayor I’m doing all within my powers to help.”