UK Supreme Court

The UK Supreme Court is to hear a court case with a female majority, for the first time since its creation.

Following the swearing in of two new justices, a quarter of the UK’s highest court are now women.

The female justices on the UK Supreme court now include President Lady Brenda Hale, Lady Justice Mary Arden, Lady Jill Black.

Lady Arden became the third woman following her swearing in ceremony this week.

She assumed the position following the retirement of her husband, Lord Mance, who departed from the court back in June.

During the official ceremony, Lady Hale, the court’s president told senior members of the judiciary: “It is a special delight to welcome back Lady Arden’s husband, Lord Mance, who is no stranger to this room.

“But he is with us today in a very different, but no doubt no less proud, capacity as the spouse of a member of the court, rather than as its deputy president.”

Back in 2004, Barroness Hale made history when she was appointed as the first female house of lords judge.

The UK Supreme Court court was founded back in 2009, and the panel consists of 12 justices.

The justices are set to hear their first case today, involving a 19-year old man with learning difficulties, in which they will decide whether his liberties had been deprived.

Despite the momentous moment in UK legal history, Baroness Hale has said that women still remain “seriously underrepresented” in the industry.

The US Supreme Court is similarly facing problems of lack of representation for women.

As of currently, there is only female justice residing on the court – Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Current President Donald Trump was also tasked with replacing two justices, Anthony Kennedy and and Antonin Scalia.

Notably, current supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, selected by Trump, is undergoing public investigation after allegations of sexual misconduct had been raised against him.

Despite widespread backlash over the appointment, particularly following the publicised trial, Trump mocked accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford during a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday night.