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Value vs Growth: Tech shares in the spotlight and Gamestop raises questions

The question of value vs growth is becoming a prevalent theme in equity markets as valuations in the tech sector become and heated and economists start to explore the end of ultra accommodative monetary policy.

Alan Green joins the Podcast to analyse the current state of equity markets and whether significant price gains in US Indices, Gamestop and certain technology shares should be a warning sign to investors or simply the consequence of an evolution in investor appetite and risk tolerances.

Gamestop has grabbed the headlines as the bricks and mortar video games retailer surged from $19 on 11th January to trade at $360 in the pre-market at the time of recording the Podcast. The explosion in the Gamestop share price stemmed from a Reddit chatroom and sent into a frenzy with a Tweet by Elon Musk.

We discuss Gamestop (NYSE:GME) Pelaton (NASDAQ:PTON), Just Eat (LON:JET), CVS Group (LON:CVS), Echo Energy (LON:ECHO), Catenae Innovations (LON:CTEA)

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