1Spatial expands US reach with three new contracts

1Spatial shares rose 4.4% to 40.7p in late morning trading on Monday following its announcement of several new US opportunities, including a $1.2 million seven-year contract with the state of Arkansas for the firm’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) solution.

Arkansas marks the eighth US state to select the solution, which incorporates 1Spatial’s flagship 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway to ensure compliance with the NENA standard for 911 call processing.

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1Spatial said it would receive $700,000 in committed revenue over the first four years, with the following three years under option.

The company currently expects $1.1 million linked to software licence annual recurring revenue, alongside the $1.2 million value of the seven-year agreement.

“Being selected by Arkansas State to deliver its NG911 system is a great competitive win for us,” said 1Spatial CEO Claire Milverton.

“Arkansas is now the eighth State so far to choose our solution, demonstrating the value and uniqueness of our proposition and reinforces our strategy to launch this as a SaaS-based solution to US cities and counties later in the year.”

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1Spatial confirmed its technology had also been selected by the Eastern Transportation Coalition as a vendor for conflation solutions in its Traffic Data Marketplace.

The group further noted its first contract through the marketplace for $400,000 with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

“We are proud to be using our automated rules-based technology to ensure the safety and efficiency of the ETC states and it is extremely encouraging to have already secured our first contract through the framework with Massachusetts DOT,” said Milverton.

1Spatial confirmed a total potential contract value for conflation within the ETC framework agreement to be up to $15 million across eight years.

“These are fantastic wins for 1Spatial, demonstrating our expanding presence in the US market and offer further validation of the size of this opportunity,” said Milverton.

“We are hugely excited about the further potential prospects in the US that our innovative business applications bring.”

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