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All Active Asset bid approach for Audioboom

All Active Asset Capital Ltd (LON: AAA) should have plenty of knowledge about bid target Audioboom (LON:BOOM). One of its directors, Rodger Sargent was involved with the reversal of the business into an AIM shell and was a director for a short time. The bidder is also in the process of acquiring a stake in AAQUA, which has a 12.4% shareholding in Audioboom.

Rodger Sargent joined the board of Audioboom following the reversal of Audioboo into One Delta on 20 May 2014. He already had a shareholding in the company, and he acquired more shares at the time of the reversal to take his then stake to 11.4 million shares – post-100-for-one consolidation this is equivalent to 114,000 existing shares. He also initially handled the finance role, although he left the board in October 2014.

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