Amazon report two cases of coronavirus in Milan

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) have confirmed yesterday that two employees in Milan have caught the coronavirus.

The two employees who have tested positive for COVID-19, have been placed under quarantine, Amazon added.

2020 has not exactly been the best start to the decade for global business and trading. The ongoing saga of the coronavirus still continues to haunt global trading, stocks and indices.

Last week, the FTSE dropped to a record low following a week where coronavirus scares had dampened global business outlook, with the airline operators being hit the hardest.

Last week gave the globe a new update, saying that the coronavirus had hit both Italy and Tenerife. A hotel in Tenerife had been placed on lock down following reports that an individual had caught the illness.

Amazon, who have operations in Italy have been the next firm to be hit by the ongoing epidemic.

“We’re supporting the affected employees who were in Milan and are now in quarantine,” company spokesman Dan Perlet said.

Amazon had told employees to stop essential travel, even to and from the United States.

Certainly, Amazon are not the only multinational that have been affected by the disease.

In other news today, Nike (NYSE:NKE) had also temporarily closed their European headquarters over coronavirus scares.

“The place is on lockdown,” a security guard at the location told Reuters.

Nike hold their head offices in the Netherlands, and the Dutch health authorities have said that 10 cases of the coronavirus have been reported since 28 February.

Multinationals like Amazon and Nike are seeing their trading hampered, and now the coronavirus has been plaguing global markets for over two months.

What seemed like a situation under control, is now spiraling out of hand. Many firms are now speculating how much the current coronavirus epidemic will affect their future results, however the impact may not be so short lived as once expected.

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