Displays Impressive User Growth Amid Market Downturn Group CEO Peter Hetherington said today his company’s strategy of focusing on mature, regulated markets is paying off, with the popular trading platform adding just over one million new user accounts during Q2. 

The new sign ups mean that now boasts just over 6.4 million users on its trading platform, which covers markets ranging from commodities and equities to indices and crypto. 

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The company’s strategy has led to an acceleration of its growth, with new users being added at a 19% faster rate than in the first quarter of the year. 

Hetherington hailed his company’s “spectacular growth trajectory”, saying that the company has been focused on establishing a “greater and bolder” presence in Western Europe and especially the U.K. 

The results of’s efforts speak for themselves, with European users accounting for 31% of all trade volume on its platform in the last three months. Growth in the U.K. was clearly evident, with transaction volume in that country rising by 18% from the previous quarter. 

“This is in line with our goal to expand our global footprint in step with the highest regulatory standards,” Hetherington said in a statement. certainly deserves some credit for its growth rate, which comes at a time when many traders have become wary of an extremely negative bearish sentiment that’s affecting all markets. While the tendency among many investors has been to look towards safer assets, including safe havens such as gold, said its platform was a hive of trading activity. Altogether in the quarter, its trading volume reached $255 billion, down just three percent from the first three months of the year. 

Although enthusiasm for’s platform remains strong, Hetherington said the company is taking steps to protect its users amid the “choppy” market conditions. To that end, it has prioritized the delivery of first class insights, data and analytics to help investors adjust their trading strategies to the current bearish conditions. 

“The self-directed investor will be seeking assistance and greater support through education and risk management tools,” Hetherington noted. 

That said,’s users demonstrated their adaptability in the quarter just gone, with indices and commodities emerging as the most traded assets on its platform, surpassing the once-dominant crypto markets. On indices, a majority of users shifted towards short positions, said, indicating a willingness to eke out profits despite the current market downturn. 

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