China extends Chengdu lockdown, Shenzhen introduces tiered lockdown system

China has extended its Covid lockdown in Chengdu, with the city’s 21 million population set to undergo further mass testing between Monday and Wednesday.

The Sichuan Health Commission reported 90 local Covid cases and 50 asymptomatic residents on Sunday, resulting in a total of 940 and 395 cases, respectively.

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The Xinjin district and Qionglai city have been cleared for daily life to resume, after no new positive cases emerged over the past week. Chengdu Covid headquarters said residents will be allowed to return to work if they secure a negative Covid test within 24 hours.

Residents across the remaining districts in Chengdu are set to remain under lockdown while testing continues across the city.

Meanwhile, tech hub Shenzhen will introduce a tiered system of Covid lockdowns, which will categorize areas in the city as low, medium or high infection risk.

Low risk areas will have the majority of restrictions removed, while medium and high risk regions will keep restrictions for residents.

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Shenzhen said temporary restrictions measures would kick off again in areas where infection is discovered.

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