Cobalt airline suspends all operations

Cobalt airline suspends all operations

The budget airline Cobalt has announced that it is cancelling all flights from Wednesday.

In a statement on their website, the airline said it is suspending all operations indefinitely.

“Future flights or services provided by Cobalt will be cancelled and will no longer operate,” the statement read.

“Passengers who have un-flown tickets are instructed not to go to [Cyprus’s] Larnaca airport or any departure airport tomorrow, October 18, as no Cobalt flights will operate and no Cobalt staff will be present.”

The airline flies to 23 destinations, including Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Manchester.

Heathrow has said it will provide assistance to passengers who arrive at the airport on Wednesday.

The Cypriot Transport Minister, Vassiliki Anastassiadou, has said that the government plans to pay for return tickets to help travellers get back to where they started.

The Cypriot airline has 200 employees, the fate of which is unclear.

Primera Air collapsed earlier this month after 14 years operating. 

An estimated 60,000 affected by Primera’s collapse.