We kick things off with a company driving forward the circular economy with waste-to-energy technology.

London-listed EQTEC operates a multi-channel revenue model that sees them earn revenue from technology licensing, engineering support and output sales.

EQTEC’s waste-to-energy technology uses inputs such as refuse and farming waste to create energy in the form of gas.

Driven by an experienced management team, the company has announced a number of strategic partnerships in recent months which has seen their operations expand into North America and numerous locations across Europe.

The company’s technology is providing a positive environmental impact by keeping waste out of landfill and increasing the use of greener fuels.

Hurricane Energy

Despite the oil sector being the subject of pressure from a shift in investment trends away from fossil fuels towards greener forms of fuels, the drop in oil prices has heavily hit the oil sector and there are a plethora of companies offering great value.

With a market cap of just £258 million, Hurricane Energy does just that.

Hurricane Energy is operating fields just west of the Shetland Islands and has had much success with their exploration programme, which still ongoing offers potential for further discoveries.

Hurricane Energy is in the favourable position of having $164 million cash as of 18th March 2019 which will ensure funding for the drill programme in the foreseeable future.

In addition, Hurricane had revenues of $170 million and profit after tax of $58.7m in 2019 almost eradicating the need to raise capital a dilute shareholders in the pursuit of their long term goals.

Despite the lower price of oil, shares look very cheap considering the potential for good news from their ongoing exploration program which could sees further increases to production and revenue.

ITM Power

ITM Power provides specialist Hydrogen Power Stations that utilises Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology.

The UK-listed company products includes both power storage and fuels with a wide range of applications ranging from powering buses through to storing and providing hydrogen energy for entire islands.

ITM is receipt of government funding, the most recent tranche was £7.5 million from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to develop the next phase of the Gigastack Hydrogen project.

Gigastack is a renewable hydrogen project that uses wind power and demonstrates the forward thinking nature of ITM and how their business is facilitating the UK’s drive towards becoming net-zero by 2050.

During the development stage of the business ITM has understandably posted losses in recent years. However, the company has a strong balance sheet having recently raised £58.8 from placings and the receipt of strategic investment from their partners. One for the future.

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