Could investing in crowdfunding reduce your Income Tax payment?

Interested in investing in crowdfunding but unsure of the impact on your tax payment?CrowdRating, the independent ratings agency for equity crowdfunding, has launched their SEIS & EIS Calculator, a free web-based tool which shows crowdfunding investors exactly how their investment activity could affect – and enhance – their tax position.

Designed to simplify understanding the tax impact of investing in crowdfunding opportunities, the SEIS & EIS Calculator can help investors by not only reducing the amount of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax they will pay in this tax year, but also how much tax they could reclaim against last year’s tax bill. Furthermore, investors will be able to use the SEIS & EIS Calculator to analyse how different investment scenarios, such as a change in the amount invested, the allocation split between SEIS and EIS, or expected future investment returns or losses, might affect their tax position. With only five weeks to the end of the 2015 tax year, this calculator could well be a useful tool in the investor’s arsenal.

According to Alex Heath, founder and director of CrowdRating, “the growth of the crowdfunding market is opening up the early-stage investment market to a new generation of investors who, for the first time, are benefitting from the tax breaks associated with early-stage investing. Using our simple SEIS & EIS Calculator will, for the first time, make it easy for all investors, regardless of their experience or the size of their investment, to understand the tax impact of their investments.”

The SEIS & EIS Calculator is free and very simple to use. All you need to do is gather the relevant investment and tax information, input this into the calculator and click SUBMIT to reveal your results.

Try CrowdRating’s SEIS & EIS Calculator at

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