Crowdfunding, a form of alternative finance, has traditionally been used to invest money into businesses with potential and promise, ensuring businesses get access to fund at competitive rates whilst investors get generous returns on their investments. offers a crowdfunding platform that works throughout the UK in rewards-based crowdfunding, community shares crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding.

What makes Crowdfunder different from other crowdfunding platforms such as Crowd2Fund and Crowdcube is crowdfunder’s emphasis and importance placed on crowdfunding for non-profit organizations such as community groups and charities.

One such example of crowdfunding on Crowdfunder was the ‘I am an Immigrant’ poster campaign, which raised over £50,000 in 21 days for the posters that can be seen on the London Underground.

A current campaign on the website is ‘Save Brixton Cycles’; London’s oldest worker-owned bike shop who have to leave the current premises, which are going to be converted into luxury flats. Through their campaign on Crowdfunder, Brixton cycles have so far been able to raise 85% of their £40,000 target.

So what are the benefits for investors in this form of crowdfunding? Rewards-based crowdfunding may not offer high returns on investments, but do offer gifts depending on the pledge, with Brixton Cycles offering rewards ranging from cycling caps to an invitation to the launch party to free services and discounts in-store.



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