UK PMI Constructions enhances in August

The UK’s PMI Construction rose to 49.2 in August, up 3.3 points from July. The figure beat estimates by 3.1 points.

The better-than-expected measure comes in, a day after the Markit Manufacturing PMI made a surprise recovery to 53 points, the index’s biggest upward movement in 25 years.

Yesterday, the IMF also admitted, data suggest that initial post-Brexit turbulences have “ebbed” and were seemingly only based on short-term uncertainties.

Italian GDP growth flat in Q2

Italy’s year on year GDP growth rate remained at 0.8% in the second quarter of the year, beating estimates by 0.1%.

The quarter on quarter figure also remained flat, at 0%.

European Monetary Union Producer Price Index improves in July

The EMU’s Producer Price Index improved slightly in July. While the index suggests that prices are still falling, the measure of -2.8% represents an improvement of 0.3% from June and beat estimates by 0.1%.

Recently published indices on both inflation and manufacturing sector performance, for August, have however indicated that last month saw a contraction in economic activity in the Euro-Zone.

Katharina Fleiner 02/09/2016