Jah Plant Hire, a specialist plant hire company based in Northamptonshire is seeking a £50,000 on Crowd2Fund.com to help manage their fast growth.

Operating since 1982, the company – which trades as Anglia Crane – was taken over by current owner Jay Hawkes. Since then, Anglia Crane has seen significant growth, expanding from a fleet of just four machines to over 450 to become one of the fastest growing hire companies in the UK.

Hawkes has a strong history in construction, running his own business prior to Anglia Crane. During this time, he identified a gap in the market to provide eco-friendly, fuel efficient plant hire; inspiring him to purchase the company and turn it into the high growth business that is today.

Alongside the eco-friendly element of the business, another key factor is service delivery.

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Anglia Managing Director Jay Hawkins,, centre, with Kubota UK MD Dave Roberts, left, and Julian Payne from local dealer, Shell Plant, who placed the highest bid for the machine.

“First class service that customers can rely upon is one of the key selling points of the business”, Hawkes said.

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the business, working with a number of local charities to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry.

Anglia Crane are now seeking to raise an IFISA qualifying £50,000 loan, with an estimated average APR of 9 percent, to help manage their working capital as the company continues to grow.

“The funds will be used to bolster the working capital in the business. As with any business, as it grows the strain on working capital can appear. Having a strong working capital position will allow the business to capitalise on future opportunities,” said Hawkes.

Hawkes’ long term vision for the business is to consolidate future growth to become the go-to nationwide plant hire business.

Anglia Crane chose to raise with crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund.com due to its innovation in the industry. Hawkes says, “Anglia Crane is in an established industry that uses modern, innovative technology to fulfil our customers’ needs. I see Crowd2Fund in exactly the same way. Linking investors with my business without having to pay extortionate fees along with the flexibility it offers investors really excites me.”

Miranda Wadham on 21/11/2016
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