EOS Scientific CEO: CBD is “future of skincare”

EOS Scientific CEO: CBD is “future of skincare”

EOS Scientific’s Ambience CBD is bringing CBD-infused skincare products to the UK high street.

The CEO of EOS Scientific said that holistic compounds, like CBD, are “the future of skincare”.

The UK’s leading CBD oil testing service, EOS Scientific, has established its brand Ambience CBD as one of the leading CBD providers in the UK.

Ambience CBD’s new premium CBD-infused skincare range, named Ambience Apothecary, is available to buy in both Boots and Holland & Barrett.

The CBD market is expected to see exponential growth – in the UK, the market is expected to grow three times in value by the end of 2021, amounting to £1.2 billion.

In July, Sativa Group opened its first CBD wellness retail store in Bath.

The CEO of EOS Scientific, Simon Manthorpe, believes holistic skincare will protect the cosmetics industry.

CBD has had a revolutionary effect on consumer markets in the UK. CBD wasn’t even on the FMCG market five years ago. Now, we’re expecting the market to be worth a whopping £1.2 billion by the end of 2021. CBD-infused skincare has been around for over a year, but investors are only just waking up to the rapid growth within this arena in the cosmetics market,” the CEO of EOS Scientific said.

“The launch of our new premium CBD skincare range, Ambience Apothecary, this will allow us to lead the way for businesses looking to take advantage of the growing cosmetics market,” the CEO continued.

“The infusion of CBD is particularly important too. Not only is it where our expertise lie, but we have conducted research nationally representative research that showed 40% of Britons will only buy skincare products with natural ingredients and a further 55% of Britons will not buy skincare products if they were aware that they are made with animal products.”

“his means that collagen will become far less popular as a base compound for cosmetics, with natural compounds such as CBD becoming far more prevalent in the cosmetics arena. With an increasingly conscious consumer market, holistic compounds such as CBD will prove to be the future of skincare.”