Equity crowdfunding on Seedrs helps UK start-ups fund ventures

The Brexit vote, rising economic uncertainty and difficulty finding access to funding may have made some sceptical as to the future of the UK start-up industry. However, the UK’s small businesses have no such worries – instead showing resilience and determination to grow their business ideas.

Many start-ups in the UK have turned to crowdfunding to raise the money necessary to develop, launch and expand their businesses and have been successful in doing so.

Equity crowdfunding can be a useful fundraising tool, allowing the sale of shares for companies either not big enough or not willing to go public.

For Seedrs, a UK equity crowdfunding platform and itself a successfully funded equity crowdfunding project, success stories are mounting.

DugOut, a Tech start-up offering a fantasy football league on the web and on mobiles, raised 104% of their £175,006 target by offering investors 9% equity in the company.

UnderTheDoormat is a London based start-up which allows Londoners to profit from renting out their homes while on holiday. The young business raised 163% of their £175,000 target.

DatePlay, the date app which was developed by “The Apprentice” – candidate, Vana Koutsomitis, successfully raised £207,430, 173% of the targeted amount.

With a further 24 days to go, “subscription commerce platform for local classes and experiences”, Wonderush reached 83% of their targeted amount, raising more than £200,000.

There are many other success stories on Seedrs – as well as the plethora of other equity crowdfunding platforms. It is safe to say that many more UK start-ups will turn to this method to advance their business aspirations further. Investors seem to have noticed this trend and interest has sharply.

Seedrs reported that in 2015 the average campaign was funded by 189 investors, a number which is set to grow in this year.

Seedrs itself has enjoyed large success since its launch in July 2012. It has expanded its reach and helped businesses from 24 countries fund their ventures.

Katharina Fleiner 31/08/2016
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