Finmap secures $1.2 million funding from European and Ukrainian investors

Cash flow management tech company Finmap have secured $1.2 million funding from both European and Ukrainian investors.

Finmap provides a cash flow management service for business to digitally forecast cash requirements through a service that starts at $14 per month.

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Finmap integrates with 2000+ European banks and PayPal, Wise, Revolut, ApiXDrive, Fondy services, as well as 1C and Western Bid data import. 

“Cash flow management is an important part of the business for entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Understanding the amount of money that is generated and consumed is the only real way that you can see and understand the true state of your company in order to make critical growth and development decisions,” said Finmap founders Alexander Solovei and Ivan Kaunov. 

“Technological approaches in money management will help to effectively control and develop your company. Currently, we are working with companies from 12 countries, with plans to expand into Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Turkey.”

Having started operations in Ukraine, Finmap now has plans to expand further through Europe and the funds will be used to bolster their development team and increases marketing spend.

“This new investment round shows that Finmap is on the right path of its development with a great team on board. We believe the product has great potential to become a massive service abroad, utilizing our wide company’s network worldwide. That is why we are supporting this promising project and many others, not only in Ukraine. This is quite consistent with our goal to help small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs”, says Valery Krasovsky, CEO and  Co-Founder of Sigma Software Group.

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