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Earth- investments ltd reports here on how It’s not all bad news, it’s just about businesses being flexible, and pulling together more in these uncertain times. Collaboration is key.

Earth Investments online Soirees, are a great example of business that are doing well and making the most of the lock down. They report massive interest in fintec, and ecommerce, and their alternative medical solutions are also booming. Many of their showcased businesses are enjoying huge interest from the current situation.

Their key to success is offering a unique approach to investments, the company focuses on collaborations based on positive impact before profit, as there has never been a better time to invest in certain businesses, for both those elements.

Ideas were brought together, when a group of friends brainstormed how to combine real impact, socially and environmentally with profitability, they then use their profits to do further good.

The Partners have a combination of 300 years of relevant experience, but have Stepped out of their corporate worlds to following their passion, and make a difference,

Vast Experience from the financial industry and real entrepreneurship, coupled with a passion to make a difference is at the heart of what creates this winning team, that energy has brought great results so far.

One partner was the head of loans and investments at Santander, other partners had worked 30 years for HMRC, and The CEO is a well known Relationship Therapist, Meditation teacher and human behaviour specialist, she has headed up raises of over $130 million to date.

All the partners came together with a united mission to help and support impact businesses, and have merged their extensive networks to focus on doing good in the world, offering a real heart felt way of doing business.

Before the lock down the group were running events at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

The Mayfair Hotel Soirees have now gone online!

They now have a strong international group of investors as members.

In keeping with the motto of ” Business should be sophisticated and fun”

The weekly zoom calls are said to be like a night out vibe, friends and fun brought to your home, to enjoy world class entertainers, renowned Ted talk speakers and the wonderful showcasing of a few selected businesses,

Every one who attends raves about these get togethers.

Business is best done when people like, know and trust each other and this creates such a great group, “we have over 50 billion in cumulative wealth on the calls, and business is getting done” the attitude of support and community is growing fast.

Tax advisors are helping people with much needed support too.

Heres a few comments from last week.

“It was a fantastic event, wonderfully hosted”

“Thank you for arranging all the follow up calls, with investors, what a great way to do business”

“The speaker gave me a much needed boost and it was the best piece of wisdom I’ve heard in a long time”

“I think that this is the way forward, I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and showcases thank you”

To apply to attend and become part of this wonderfully supportive group of movers and shakers, private investors, venture capitalists, and family offices apply on the link and we will discuss how we can help you, and offer you a free invite.
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