Fortnum & Mason admit to data breach, affecting 23,000 shoppers

LONDON- MARCH, 2018: Main entrance of Fortnum & Mason, an upmarket department store on Piccadilly, London.

Fortnum & Mason has admitted to a data breach, which has affected over 23,000 shoppers.

A cyber attach targetting the up-market grocer has leaked the names, email addresses and home addresses of customers to cyber-hackers.

“At 17.26pm on Friday June 29, Typeform, a company that provides services that we have used in the past to collect survey responses and voting preferences, notified us that they had suffered a data breach and unfortunately some of our data had been compromised,” said the group.

“No one’s bank details or passwords have been involved, and money and accounts are safe.”

“We have disabled any and all Typeform forms existing on our website and will not work with Typeform until we are assured that; there is no further risk, that all our data has been removed from their servers and that their security measures have been improved.”

“We have been informed that Typeform have fixed the root cause and are undertaking forensic investigations,” Fortnum & Mason added.

The food-store has ended its relationship with Typeform, a company specialising in creating surveys and forms.

Typeform also works with a number of organisations including Apple and Airbnb.

In the same cyber-attack against Typeform, over 23,000 customers from Monzo also saw their data including email addresses and postcodes were leaked.

Fortnum & Mason is the latest data breach. Earlier this year, Dixons Carphone (LON: DC) revealed “an attempt to compromise 5.9 million cards”.

The retailer contacted over one million customers who had data such as their name and address taken in the breach.

“We’ve taken action to close off this unauthorised access and though we have currently no evidence of fraud as a result of these incidents, we are taking this extremely seriously,” said the chief executive, Alex Baldock.

On Monday, the NHS revealed a data breach affecting 150,000 UK patients.

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