Greatland Gold, Geopolitics, and Technology Minerals with Alan Green

Alan Green joins the Podcast for our weekly instalment of UK equities and key market themes.

As the Ukrainian-Russia crisis subsides, we look at whether the crisis was ever a real crisis and what it could mean for markets going forward.

With rampant inflation and the uncertainty surrounding a Russian invasion providing what should be the perfect recipe for a flight to the safe haven of gold, we explore what has happened to the yellow metal and why it has barely moved over the past two years and gained only 4% in the past decade.

Greatland Gold has discovered a world-class gold asset in the Haverion project but positive update after positive update has not been enough to see any sustained move in Greatland shares. Why look at what needs to happen to get the Greatland Gold share price moving.

Technology Minerals has received a bullish 7p price target in a research note by Arden Partners. With shares trading at 3.7p, we dig into the business and their circular economy operations.

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