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AHH is a leading social impact investor co-investing with individuals and institutions to deliver affordable housing in vibrant communities that help people live well for less.  Our unique approach is proven to reduce pressure on local health and social care whilst making profitable and sustainable returns – everybody wins. 

Shared Ownership is a key growth area which can help tackle the longstanding housing crisis in the UK whilst still meeting the aspirations of much of the population, and government, for home ownership. 

Whilst it is currently a small part of the housing market, it has grown substantially over the last decade and has the potential to become the next mainstream tenure, particularly in London and the South East, where affordability is most constrained.

AHH Group creates not just affordable housing but also affordable lives through the delivery of a range of not-for-profit services and support alongside deeply discounted rent. 

This provides a means for homeowners to buy as little or as much of their home as they can afford, meaning that our customers can live well for less.

Affordable communities are crucial for society, there is unquenchable market demand in all economic climates which further strengthens this low-volatility asset class. 

Limited Supply of Stock

AHH Group is expanding to create thousands more affordable homes – meaning that the AHH investment platform is now opening up to a non-institutional investor audience.

Funds are only raised to match the strategic delivery of affordable communities. A limited pipeline of development means there is a limited supply of investment opportunities.

Prospective investors are invited to visit AHH communities to explore and learn how capital is invested in the regeneration of boroughs, how we work in partnership with the NHS and Local Authorities and how affordable communities help to improve the lives of homeowners.

Come visit, see what we do and help us to deliver real social impact whilst enjoying great returns. 

AHH Investment Management

AHH Investment Management is only able to promote AHH Secured Lending in investment opportunities to High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Institutional Investors – an easy and quick process qualifies all potential investors who wish to understand more. 

This can be done over the phone, on line, or better still, when we meet at one of our wonderful communities where you can see the difference we make and meet the teams making the difference.

Invest alongside highly experienced investors:

“The pandemic has highlighted how much we all rely on other people and society during difficult times. Now is the time for us to do things differently and help those who need it the most. AHH’s investment solutions create real social impact. Building happy and healthy communities is at the heart of everything they do, and that customer focus is something that resonates with me.”

  • Nick Wheeler, Founder/Owner of Charles Tyrwhitt

“I’m excited to be a part of a fast growing and continuously evolving venture, such as AHH. They recognise that social investing is a long-term process, and their revolutionary offering and experienced service provision allows people the opportunity to live affordable lives.” 

  • Robin Phillips, Formerly Global Head of Global Banking HSBC 

“I’m passionate about investing in people 
and supporting the development of local communities. AHH is a credible solution which allows me to do both. With an excellent team of trusted experts, I know that it’s an investment which delivers substantial social impact, whilst still creating a long-term, low-risk return for its investors.”   

  • Loretta Leberknight, Formerly Director at Russell Investments

“Many investors, such as myself, like to support businesses contributing to society, by creating new jobs or enhancing communities. AHH’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic foresight allows them to do exactly that.” 

  • Ira Rapp, Executive Chairman at Westcity Properties

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