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Investing in the future of UK agriculture

Vertically Urban is a British designer and manufacturer within the horticultural (indoor vertical farming) industry, delivering efficient LED lighting solutions that are easy to install and setup. 

Offering a rare opportunity to grow with them – Vertically Urban recently launched a Seedrs campaign to raise £300k investment – a target which they have very nearly reached.

With a global market expected to reach £9.6 billion by 2026, early investors include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and major supermarket chains, including Ocadoand Marks and Spencer

The world is rapidly recognising the benefits for good reason (it was even mentioned in the recent David Attenborough’s: A Life on Our Planet documentary). Benefits such as:

  • Reduced environmental impact – food is grown locally, where it’s needed 
  • Reduced carbon footprint – fewer ‘food miles’
  • Improved food freshness
  • Pesticide-free produce 

Lighting is essential for vertical farms and is Vertically Urban’s focus.

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Using their unique expertise in light extraction techniques, product design, and build methodology, Vertically Urban are on a mission to become a leading supplier of LED lighting solutions for the agricultural tech sector.

So if you’ve been looking for an investment opportunity – don’t miss out, join a community of over 200 investorshelping to lead the way in indoor vertical farming.

If you’re interested in learning more, request a copy of the Vertically Urban investment deck or if you’re ready to jump straight in – join Seedrs campaign HERE.

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