Kanabo launches first medical cannabis product in UK

Kanabo’s supply, production, and distribution chain now fully operational

Kanabo (LON:KNB), the medical cannabis company, confirmed on Wednesday that its medicinal cannabis cartridges will soon be available for UK patients.

In a significant moment for the company, its first order has now been shipped and will arrive in the UK next week.

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Proactive reported that market experts have said it is the first time a medicinal extract formula has been made available for inhalation by a metered-dose medical-grade vaporiser in Britain.

The medical extract formula has a composition of 70% THC with 15% minor cannabinoids and terpenes and is based on the Israeli medical cannabis pharmacopoeia as a recommendation for the treatment of pain management.

Kanabo’s proprietary medicinal cannabis extract formulas will be sold in pre-filled, sealed cartridges which can only be used with Kanabo’s VapePod device.

The cartridges will be sold as prescribed, unlicensed medicine to patients of LYPHE Group’s UK clinics and dispensaries, which includes The Medical Cannabis Clinic.

Avihu Tamir, Kanabo’s CEO made further comment on the company’s passing of a milestone today: “The VapePod is a world first allowing specialist consultants to prescribe a metered dose of medicinal cannabis that is healthier for patients than the alternative which is typically smoking. Medical cannabis is a safer alternative to the conventional opiate solutions and other pain management treatments. This announcement ensures that 1000s of UK patients have access to the most effective medicinal cannabis delivery system. “

Kanabo made its stock market debut in February, as reported by UK Investor Magazine. Despite an impressive start as a listed company, its share price is down by 8% since its IPO.

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