How to legally shelter your income from the taxman

How to legally shelter your income from the taxman

Download this comprehensive report on legal methods to protect your wealth from the taxman, including:

  • ISAs
  • ISA Types
  • Private and Workplace Pensions
  • Government income tax back top-ups
  • EIS/SEIS Investments
  • Charitable Contributions

The age-old saying that the only two things that are sure in life are death and taxes is hard to argue with and is as true now as it has ever been. In fact, of the two, if either were to foreseeably change at some point in the distant future, rendering the saying obsolete, most people’s money would be on death.

Who knows what future scientific developments may hold when it comes to mortality. Taxes, on the other hand, unfortunately seem here to stay. For as long as we live in an economy-based society, and it’s difficult to envisage any other workable system, a part of our income will always go to the tax man. We need public services and infrastructure and as much as it may pain us to see the percentage of our earnings that are whisked away to the public coffers, we also understand that it’s a necessary part of a functioning society.

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