Lithium, Electric Vehicles and Cadence Minerals with Kiran Morzaria

The UK Investor Magazine was thrilled to welcome, Cadence Minerals CEO, Kiran Morzaria, to the podcast for a deep dive into Lithium, Electric Vehicles and Cadence Minerals.

We drill down into the Lithium market and where Cadence Minerals sits on the global stage.

Kiran provides deep insight into the global lithium market as we explore the upcoming supply deficit set to take hold from 2025. With prices Lithium soaring, we look at the longer term projections and the dynamics of Lithium spot prices.

We analyse the current requirements of Electric Vehicle market and how companies like Cadence are working to meet these needs. 

Cadence has two Lithium projects Kiran presents in detail.

We finish by touching on Cadence’s flagship Amapa Iron ore project and what investors can look forward to after Kiran’s recent trip to Brazil. 

Find out more about Cadence Minerals on their website and presentation at the UK Investor Magazine Metals and Mining Conference.

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